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Salt River encompasses the real Capetonian lifestyle, with food and fashion flowing through the streets. The area holds so much that beckons to be explored, offering everything from footwear, wines and hand-woven furniture to dried fruits and home décor.

The suburb is somewhat of a mecca for shoppers from all corners of Cape Town eager to get more bang for their bucks and, with its abundance of factory shops, it is a must-stop spot for bargain hunters. Walking the streets you encounter an urban environment defined by energy, creativity and community where you find family run shops next to newly opened eateries.

There is much more to Salt River than meets the eye. Recognise the sights and smells of the East by indulging in an authentic Cape Malay dish, its unique flavour defines the Cape Town culture. As its name implies, it is a fusion of traditional South African cuisine with Malaysian influences. Its flavours are well-known to locals, and remain a major part of the Capetonian culture. Salt River has to be the perfect place to relish in some of the tastiest Cape Malay meals.

You can even step into Salt River’s favourite coffee shops as part of your morning routine. The neighbourhood is dotted with eclectic breakfast spots where baristas brew some of the best blends. Go past El Greeyo – House of Cuban Coffee in Brickfield Road for a kick-start to the day or stop at the colourful Captain Kirwins Coffee in Albert Road for and experience out of the ordinary.

Book a table a the inventive The Test Kitchen that frequently earns the title of South Africa’s best restaurant. Luke Dale Roberts uses art and science to serve up the most unusual and mind blowing dishes.

An institution older than 20 years and serving up a variety of traditional fare from rotis to salomis, curries and samosas. A Japanese TV program recently dedicated an episode to Mariam’s version of the iconic Gatsby and many repeat visitors to Cape Town stop in at Mariam’s for a salomie before doing anything else.

Showcasing the latest craft beer creations from the Devil’s Peak Brewing Company, The Taproom offers gourmet grub ranging from bar snacks to burgers with bowls of scrumptious salads in between. Try the Beer and Food Pairing Board whilst soaking up stunning mountain views.

Frugal fashionistas can put their best foot forward in Main Road with shoe shops like TOKYO +Co. Label lovers are catered to with Zoom, Plum, Tommy, North Star, Pringle, Hush Puppies and more on sale at massively reduced prices. Plus, there is a selection of stylish clothing to complement the footwear.

In the shadow of Devil’s Peak, nestled between its slightly more trendy siblings, Woodstock and Observatory, Salt River has a daily market that has been traded at by a dozen local grocers, fishmongers, paint purveyors and second-hand shops for 80 plus years. This traditional market in Voortrekker Road near Salt River circle is the oldest community market in the Woodstock area and it is open from Monday to Friday.

The Old Biscuit Mill on Albert Road cuts between Woodstock and Salt River, and is easily one of the trendiest spots in Cape Town. This old face brick factory building with its boutique shops has been turned into a space where you can find some of the best restaurants such as the Potluck Club and Burrata. More and more people are flocking to the hugely successful Neighbourgoods Market to start their Saturdays. Here they browse and buy designer items and organically grown and sourced produce.

The commercial influence of Salt River boasts the popular Biscuit Mill market which has become one of the places to spend Saturday mornings, sipping on an iced cold organic beer, shopping for unique garments or devouring a juicy char-grilled burger. There are many tastes, smells and experiences here that attract people from all walks of life. Salt River is becoming increasingly popular with those who want to eat, drink and dance their hearts out.

For a more bespoke shopping experience, take a stroll to Lower Main Road’s Salt Circle Arcade where designer clothing, jewellery, handbags and décor along with second hand books are all on offer. There’s even a tattoo parlour for the brave. Food trucks gather in the central courtyard which has become an entertainment space where visitors can spend time playing games on the variety of retro outdoor game tables. The rest of the building consists of five floors of bright, light, airy office spaces.

Salt River even has its own gin, made using the London Dry one shot  method in a small artisan distillery. Influenced by the area, the gin combines South African flavours of a range of botanicals including juniper, handpicked kapokbos (or wild rosemary) and buchu from a farm on the Winterhoek Mountains as well as organic citrus peel from the Cederberg. To see first-hand how it is made and to get a taste, Hope on Hopkins Distillery provides the Gin Experience.


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